About Doctors Goodwill Foundation

The Doctors Goodwill Foundation is a coalition of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health workers, hospitals, healthcare agencies and area businesses, who have joined together to improve the health care system by offering education for both professionals and the general public. Through Annual Health Expos, learn how to take control of your health. Lectures on a variety of health topics will increase knowledge, and Vendors provide awareness on what is available in the community. The Doctors Goodwill Foundation is bringing together a coalition of community resources to tackle the HEP C and HIV crisis in Brevard County. (Link to HEP-C / STD /HIV-AIDS) under Programs. In addition we provide Student Scholarships, Medical Missions


The Doctor’s Goodwill Foundation (DGF), was established in 2003 as the result of the efforts and vision of a group of physicians at Parrish Medical Center. These dedicated doctors and medical technicians made frequent donations of their services to medical missions across the globe. Those who established the DGF recognized the need to provide compassionate medical assistance for those with dire needs worldwide. Through the support and expertise of Parrish Medical Center; its medical and professional staff, the vision was formed. A local organization was established here in Central Brevard to provide emergency medical and health services for those in need, across the world or around the corner. The Doctor’s Goodwill Foundation was established as a non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt organization in December, 2003. The first medical mission of compassionate care was to Tibet. 

​The DGF convened its first annual Doctor’s Expo in May of 2004. This event provided a springboard for networking, continuing education, and a showcase for opportunities in learning “state of the art” emerging technologies. The Expo was a resounding success in facilitating linkages between physicians, nurses, and medical technicians with representatives of pharmaceutical and medical firms.

​The Governing Board of DGF is comprised of physicians and community leaders, however, volunteers are the backbone of the organization’s success. Doctors give their uncompensated time, services and travel expenses as do other medical staff and care providers participating in DGF’s medical “missions in mercy”. In nearly every operational area of DGF, from providing clerical support, or planning and coordinating the offerings at the annual Expo, to packing and provisioning medical missions in far away places like Nepal, Tanzania, Indonesia, the hard work, hands and hearts of dedicated volunteers are essential.

​The inaugural 2004 DGF EXPO was an amazing funding success. Our partners in support included sponsors who purchased Expo display space, private donors who gave needed contributions, and medical and health care facilities that offered supplies and equipment. These partnering individuals and organizations allowed the DGF to serve more than 3000 people who benefited from medical missions to Africa, Haiti, Tibet and Brevard County. Babies were delivered, surgeries performed, and well clinics found a host of healthcare issues from minor infections to tumors. In addition, we were able to provide over $50,000 in much needed equipment and supplies.

​Scholarships were awarded to eleven applicants to further their healthcare education or help with mission work.

​2005 saw many disasters including the tsunami in Malaysia, the earthquake in Pakistan and the hurricane in New Orleans. The DGF hosted a benefit for the American Red Cross to help raise over $200,000 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina alone. Other missions included Costa Rica, Brazil, India, Tanzania and New Orleans.

​Locally the DGF has worked with local schools and The Children’s Center to provide defibrillators, support the Brevard Science Fair, provide seniors with flu vaccines through the Department of Health as well as doubling the scholarships to those pursuing an education in health care.

​A donation by the Helen Markowitz Foundation allowed local physicians to help seniors and children who are in need. Often when a person is diagnosed with an illness they are unable to work or afford needed medications as well as medical equipment. This fund helped with those expenses.

​All material and donations are utilized exclusively for the support of the goals and the missions of DGF.​

The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization in the United States, which means that all donations are tax deductible. Tax ID # 20-0716768

KANTILAL BHALANI, M.D.Bhalani-Kanti-180-4

It has been a distinct honor to have worked with all the businesses, individuals, volunteers and members for the last 18 years.
In 2003 several physicians had an idea. What could we do to help those people in need throughout the world? From that vision we started the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation. Fifteen years later, after many missions, hundreds of scholarship awards and help to the community, we have grown that vision to include so much more.

The Doctors Goodwill Foundation is bringing together a coalition of community resources to tackle the Substance Abuse and Suicide Crisis in Brevard County.

Today we celebrate our partnerships in Philanthropy and Education. Over the next decade we will see a marked increase in the need for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. The DGF is dedicated to helping students pursuing a career in healthcare. Simply put, we all will need them.

I am eternally grateful for every one who supports the DGF and look forward to many more years.